Government Relations

If you support higher education access and equality, speak out!

PACAC College Access Forum - May 2020
Advocacy Leadership Credential Program

We serve as a resource and a voice for all Pennsylvanians by collectively working toward a brighter educational future for today’s students and for generations to come.

Through our government relations efforts, we:

  • Monitor active and proposed education legislation, especially bills that affect college access and affordability
  • Act and speak on behalf of students to ensure equal access to postsecondary options and success
  • Educate members how to lobby at the state level for funding and programming that supports Pennsylvania students
  • Encourage our members and allies to learn about their rights and responsibilities and to advocate for educational access by contacting their legislators
  • Ensure the concerns of Pennsylvania’s students are included in the national education agenda
  • “Walk the hill” in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., by meeting with state and federal elected officials and their legislative assistants
  • Partner with other relevant state organizations such as the Pennsylvania School Counselors Association, Pennsylvania Association of Student Financial Aid

Administrators, CollegeBoard, ACT and Pennsylvania TRIO Programs to shape our legislative issues and agenda

Visit the NACAC Legislative Action Center to learn about current legislation, see how local news media are covering education issues and identify your state and federal elected representatives. On that page you can take action right away in support of an issue by clicking on any of the “Action Alerts” and entering your zip code to send a message to your legislators or the news media. It’s that simple to be an effective advocate!

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