College Fairs / Virtual Events


We are excited to return to in-person college fairs!
Please find details on our Spring 2023 Regional Fairs here.
Registration is now for college and exhibitors!

For virtual programming, we are creating a Road Map to Commonwealth Colleges!  
Any PACAC member institution in PA and neighboring states, and nonmembers within PA, are invited to submit a five minute video, a link to the student inquiry card, and a link to their school counselor inquiry card (if separate). PACAC will be maintaining the map here as a resource for school counselors and a randomly selected participating school will be highlighted in each PACER through August 2023. We are anticipating that this will be used as a resource for counselors across the Commonwealth to share with their students in the search process.

$50 for member institutions; $150 for members
This will go live in February.

To be a part of the map, please register here!

We have saved from some of our previous virtual events:
Fall 2020 Keystone Virtual College Exploration (scroll to the bottom of the page)
Spring 2022 6x6 Fairs 
All high school students are encouraged to view as a complement to their college search.


Please contact our College Fairs Committee - [email protected]