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Topic:  Helping Your Families Understand Financial Aid (2019)

Presenter:  Rebecca Rose-Howell, College Counselor at Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School. 


Becca has spent almost 15 years in College Admissions and Financial Aid serving families and helping find their best fit. She has served as a Financial Aid Liaison at multiple schools and has facilitated Financial Aid trainings for her staff. She is excited to share her knowledge and help you assist your families through the Financial Aid process.

*Reminder: As with all PACAC presentations, the inclusion of any presenter (vendor, college, etc.) is not an endorsement by PACAC or any representative thereof.*

When:  Thursday, December 5th, 11am-12:30pm EST ***1.5 hours

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After attending this workshop, you will:
  • Know the basics of financial aid process.
  • Have learned about any changes or current challenges in filing for aid.
  • Understand some of the complexities involved in how colleges award the various types of aid.
  • Be able to provide resources to your colleagues and your families.
  • Have shared resources and learned best practices from other participants. (Come prepared to share your knowledge and resources!)
  • Receive a Certificate of Attendance to submit for ACT 48 credit through your district/IU. (Note: you must be registered and logged in to the Online Workshop individually for the entire hour and a half to receive the certificate.)
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The Pennsylvania Association For College Admission Counseling is not a provider of ACT 48 credits. However, the association provides Certificates of Attendance (COA) for those who complete our professional development programs. For the financial aid online workshop, for example, a COA indicating 1.5 credit hours will be provided for attendees who complete the entire online workshop. The Pennsylvania Department of Education requires a minimum of 3 credit hours for PD opportunities. Some districts/Intermediate Units may bundle multiple certificates to award credit hours. Please contact your school district and/or intermediate unit regarding submission of these certificates.