Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee (PDC) is charged with developing and overseeing professional development opportunities for college admission professionals, secondary school counselors, independents and community based organizations. These opportunities range in length. PDC tries to create opportunities to educate people across the state in ways that are most convenient for them. PDC does not always run these workshops but it does make sure that the various workshops/institutes/seminars run smoothly and acts in an advisory capacity for curriculum. PDC, in conjunction with other leaders of PACAC, makes sure that leadership is in place for each of these educational ventures. PDC is in charge of budgeting for its programs within the framework of PACAC’s budget. PDC meets three or four times a year to review and tweak programs that have happened, to discuss upcoming programs, and to brainstorm people to work in those programs, and to discuss new initiatives.

The major programs presented by the PDC are:

  • Summer Institute (SI) – a three-day, intensive workshop for college admissions and secondary school counselors.
  • August Admission Workshops (AAW) – a one-day workshops, for new college admissions professionals
  • Enrollment & Middle Management Institute (EMMI) – two-day virtual program for aspiring Enrollment Managers.  These workshops go beyond admissions to the enrollment perspective including financial aid, retention, and data-based decision making.
  • College Counseling Leadership Institute (CCLI) – for those interested in becoming a director of college counseling.
  • College Counseling Workshops – located throughout the Commonwealth, these workshops change to fit the current hot topics of the season and region.  Primarily for secondary school and college counselors. 
  • Support Staff Workshop (SSW) – Support staff are often the MVPs of admissions and counseling offices.  Develop skills and connections annually in August.
  • Career Colloquium - introduction to career fields and the hiring process for college admission and high school counseling professions
  • Empowering Women - a informative, energetic and entertaining dialogue lead by multigenerational women
  • Online Workshops – varying in topic these workshops are designed for lunch and learn settings and offered up to 6 times per year.

Members of PDC participate in the planning of all professional development projects, attend three PDC meetings a year, and select a particular project within PDC for greater involvement and leadership.

Co-Chairperson:  Hallie Ciarlone, Delaware Valley Friends School
Co-Chairperson:  Candice Duckworth, University of Vermont
Contact:  [email protected]