Secondary School Counseling Committee

The Secondary School Counseling (SSC) Committee seeks to encourage Association membership and foster professional development opportunities specifically for secondary school counselors including public, parochial, and independent school counselors, and those who counsel students to post-secondary education. Members of this committee will collaborate with other standing committees from the lens of school counselors in order to support their work.

The Secondary School Counseling Committee will pursue the following initiatives:

  1. Conduct a college tour, sometimes in conjunction with annual conference.
  2. Encourage school counseling graduate and certification programs to incorporate proficient college counseling education into their curricula.
  3. Outreach to underrepresented school districts promoting the benefits of PACAC membership within school counseling departments.
  4. Build partnerships with the Pennsylvania School Counseling Association (PSCA) and county affiliates.
  5. Innovate and implement new initiatives to actively recruit and retain new counselors to PACAC.


Chairperson: Karen Rubican, PA Department of Education
Contact:  [email protected]