College Fairs Committee

The primary mission of the College Fairs Committee is to enhance college awareness and college options for students and parents.  To accomplish this mission, PACAC hosts Regional College Fairs and publishes a list of college fairs and admission events being held throughout the Commonwealth.  

PACAC Regional College Fairs are facilitated by college admission and high school guidance personnel in the region and are designed to more efficiently use limited resources and personnel by encouraging the merger of smaller high school college fairs into a regional fair.  PACAC Regional College Fairs tend to attract a greater number of college and university admission counselors to a given region by providing a more productive recruitment event.  For the last three years, we partnered with StriveScan for the virtual college fairs.  More information can be found here

As a service to admission counselors and in an effort to eliminate multiple fairs on the same date, PACAC also solicits dates for all college fairs and events independent of the Association and publishes the PA Comprehensive List
.  This effort also serves students by attracting more college admission counselors to the fairs through the ease with which they can access dates for all Pennsylvania fairs.  The ultimate goal of the committee, however, is to unite as many small college fairs as possible to create more regional college fairs.  This effort will save colleges valuable fiscal and personnel resources.  Since Regional College Fairs also tend to attract a greater number and variety of colleges, students and parents will gain exposure to a wider array of higher education options.  Any high schools or colleges currently hosting fairs who wish to unite efforts with another sponsoring school to create a regional fair should contact the Chair of the College Fairs Committee.

The committee meets three times a year.

Chairperson: Katie Jordan, enrollmentFUEL
Contact:  [email protected]